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Candidates For The Upcoming AWA Board Member Elections

Candidates For The Upcoming AWA Board Member Elections

As Wagyu producers, all TWA members are also members of the American Wagyu Association.  The TWA works closely with the AWA to promote the Wagyu breed and enhance opportunities for all Wagyu producers, with an emphasis on Wagyu producers in Texas and surrounding areas.

The AWA board member elections are in process, with the ballots having been mailed to AWA members on November 6th.  Ballots must be returned to the AWA (postmarked) no later than November 20th.

As Wagyu producers, the AWA board elections are important to TWA members.  Texas has more AWA members than any other state and more Wagyu cattle than any other state.  When it comes to Wagyu production, Texas is an important state.  Two Texans, Dennis Kuempel and Weldon Mahan, are running for election to two of the three open AWA board positions, along with three non-Texan candidates.  It is important that TWA members know as much as possible about the candidates and vote for the candidates that they believe will do the best job as an AWA board member.

Click on the links below to view information on the candidates provided by the candidates.  We hope this is helpful in informing the TWA membership regarding this important matter.  Please vote, as the leadership of the AWA is critical to the success of the Wagyu breed!

Weldon Mahan, from Texas

Dennis Kuempel, from Texas

Julie Barnes, from Oregon

Eldon Clawson, from Idaho

Pete Eshelman, from Indiana



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