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Primeline Z044:
Reg. Number: FB 22154
B3F, CHSF, CL16F, F11C

Primeline Z044 is a son of the famed TF Itozurudoi 151 who weighed 2,420 lbs. and boasted 92% Prime in F1 production. Z044 combines the superior genetics of TF Itozurudoi 151, previous #1 REA bull JVP Kikuyasu 400, previous #1 marbling bull JVP Fukutsuru 068, 2600# growth bull TF Kikuhana, and the famed Fujiko by Michifuku known for extreme REA, marbling, and marbling fineness.

Primeline Z044 weighs 1450-1500# but carries great length and displays great temperament. Z044 is a low birth weight bull having averaged 52# over large framed Charolais. He is a potent bull and has never failed to cover when given a chance. Z044 is strong fronted with good length through the loin much like his sire Itozuru Doi. Additionally, Z044 has several flush brothers working in F1 programs throughout Texas. All have successfully shown why TF Itozuru Doi 151 sons are so highly sought after.

Price: $4250

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