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Mt Fuji FB104 X KR Kiku 092 FB12205 14 @ $700 ea
Mt Fuji is one of two Japanese black bulls imported from Japan in 1976. Mt Fuji originated from the Tajima strain of the Hyogo Prefecture. Research at Texas A & M has proven that Mt Fuji has a high propensity of genetics for marbling. He is long deceased. His semen is rare, not easily found, and when found commands an extremely high price. The dam of this mating is AA for SCD, and a prolific performer in our donor program. She boasts World K's Nakayuki, JVP Kikuyasu 400 and Fujiko genetics. Royal genetics indeed are found in her pedigree, and this mating should produce high marbling calves.

Kikumichi FB18259 X KR Ms Haruki 4236 FB17808 2 female sexed $600 ea
Kikumichi is a new bull on the horizon. He is AA for SCD and 5 for tenderness. He also boasts Exon 5 BC. The dam comes from one of the most respected programs in the world, Lone Mountain Ranch. She is double bred Haruki 2 with Suzitana and Itoshigenami in her pedigree. A marbling mating.

Kikumichi FB 18259 X LMR1234 FB18259 2 female sexed @$600 ea.
Here is another mating with the new bull on the block and a female from the famed Lone Mountain Ranch. Royally bred for marbling, her pedigree traces back to Haruki 2 and Itomichi. If you want some quality beef in your program, this mating should add it.

KR Mich 400-351 FB7646 X KR Ms Itoshige 114 FB12230 17 @ $500 ea
KR Mich is an own son of World K's Michifuku, who needs no introduction. Mich 400 was bred and raised on our farm. Bubba had great vision when he created a mating of World K's Michifuku with the famous Kikushigi 08E female. Mich's accomplishments are too numerous to mention. He has produced countless F1 crosses for multiple meat programs across the states and overseas, as well as some of the most beautiful and profitable females anywhere. The dam of this mating is so royally bred; she is the foundation of our herd. A daughter of TF147 Itoshigefuju and back to the Hoshi cow, she is a Wow factor. This mating has the potential of producing the best quality beef possibly anywhere.
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