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I have the following Semen for Sale, all is Tested Excellent AI/ET Quality. Located at both Champion Genetics in Canton, TX and Stroud ET in Weatherford, TX

FB18474 - PV Cain - A Kikuyasu-400 son with proven progeny birthweights of 69 lbs. His mature weight is 1,970 lbs. He is throwing incredible easy birthing, fast growing calves. $35.00 per straw

FB23395 - BZ Elvis 018D - A Haruki 2 son with a great high marbling genetics. $20.00 per straw

FB23397 - BZ Hirashigetayasu Kimi 024D - A son of the original Hirashigetayasu with great frame, length and genetically known to produce 80% A5 grade, the highest given to carcasses in Japan. $20.00 per straw

Check out our website for more details and our list of embryos for sale.
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