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Z6C Ms Itomoritaka C001 (FB20342) x Itoshigefuji TF147 Embryos:
12 grade 1 and 1 grade 2 available.

Z6C Ms Itomoritaka C001 is an outstanding female which has tested free of all genetic disorders, has a tenderness score of 7 and has the highly favored SCD fat test result of AA. She is deep chested with a current weight of 1,050 pounds and still growing, very gentle and has good milk. She is line-bred Michifuku with phenomenal potential for marbling and size. Michifuku consistently ranks at the top of sire lists for carcass quality, marbling, marbling fineness, and ribeye size. Itoshigefuji TF147 is extremely large in size weighing roughly at 2,640 pounds for a Fullblood Wagyu bull. Offspring from this bull are gentle, well-balanced, have superior daily gain, early maturity, & excellent growth rate.

Z6C Ms Itojirou Z039 (FB25525) x Kitaguni Jr.
7 grade 1 and 2 grade 2 available.

Z6C Ms Itojirou Z039 is an outstanding female for our Z6 herd. Weighing 1,285, she is very deep chested with amazing milk. She is VA/7 for her SCD/Tenderness testing and is an F11 carrier. She is an excellent cross of Sanjirou x Itomichi x Itoshigenami TF148 with outstanding size and potential for marbling straight out of the Takeda Farms genetics. Kitaguni Jr. has outstanding potency for passing on superior meat qualities and exponential marbling as indicated through his terminal carcass index (TCI) based on 2018 reporting for progeny data in Australia. Kitaguni Jr.’s breedplan data and TCI puts him in the top 2% of Wagyu sires, but more amazing is that his breedplan data boasts an 85% certainty!

See pictures of Z039 and C001 as well as examples of beef from Z039 and Sanjirou x Itomichi x TF148.

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