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LMR Ms Hirasimbo x Shigeshigetani – 10 export-qualified Grade 1 embryos available. This is a pairing of a very phenotypically correct, well balanced donor cow with outstanding carcass genetics, bred to Shigeshigetani, a famous sire known for very consistent and powerful transmission of his outstanding characteristics to offspring.

Ms Hirasimbo 3004 is a well-bred, balanced and extremely fertile cow with an excellent flush history as well as having raised multiple outstanding natural calves herself. She is sired by a son of Lone Mountain’s Yojimbo (Fukutsuru-068, Yasufuku Jr., Michifuku) over a dam with Takazakura, Kitateruyasudoi and Michifuku, and out of a dam with Itomichi 1/2, Kikuyasu-400, Hirashigetayasu, and originally out of the outstanding Yuriko-1 foundation dam.

The following list of famous sires makes up 55.75% of her total genetics:

• 12.5% Itomichi 1/2 (bottom), a sire known for outstanding growth, size and phenotype, while still having good marbling, who was sired by Itomichi, who was in turn sired by the famous Dai 7 Itozakura.
• 12.5% Hirashigetayasu (bottom), a sire known for outstanding growth, size and phenotype, while still having good marbling, and who is sired by the famous Dai 20 Hirashige 287.
• 6.25% Fukutsuru-068, (top) a sire that for many years was the #1 marbling sire in the Washington State Sire Summary.
• 6.25% Yasufuku Jr. (top), who is sired by Yasutani Doi, one of the most famous sires of all time in Japan and out of a dam sired by Monjiro, another of the most famous sires of all time in Japan.
• 6.25% Takazakura, (top), a sire known or good size and growth while still having good marbling, and who’s grandsire is the famous Japanese sire Yasufuku 930.
• 6.25% Kitateruyasudoi J2810 (top), a sire known for outstanding carcass traits, and who’s pedigree contains the famous Yasutani Doi in both the top and bottom of the pedigree.
• 6.25% Michifuku, who appears twice twice in her pedigree (both top and bottom of her sire’s pedigree), and who is regarded by many to be the overall best balanced carcass bull to have ever left Japan.

Her Yuriko-1 foundation dam was grand-sired by the famous Dai 20 Hirashige 287, who is double-bred Kedaka 7212.

She is a “balanced” Wagyu, stoutly build, with a medium-sized frame (1,100 lbs) with outstanding phenotype and conformation, who’s pedigree indicates that she should contribute excellent carcass qualities to her offspring. And she has done an excellent job raising her natural calves, and has proven to have outstanding fertility and far higher than average embryo production per flush.

The donor cow and sire are tested free of the known genetic recessive disorders. Donor cow is SCD=AA; Tenderness=4

When flushed on June 20, 2018, this donor cow produced 28 good embryos from this mating, and we are offering up to 10 of these Grade 1 embryos, which were flushed under the protocol and veterinary inspection for export to South Africa and many other countries (but not qualified for shipment to the European Union). $1,000.00 each

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