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RW EMI 301C (FB21110) / SHIGESHIGETANI 30T (FB8177)
Total 3 Embryos - Ms EMI is sired by Shigeshigetani (FB2907).
In the National Wagyu Sire Summary 2014, out of the 30 bulls tested
Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T ranked near the top of all bulls. His ratings
were: Rib Eye EPD #1; Carcass Weight EPD #1; Back Fat EPD #2; Marbling EPD #8.

CX4 FUKIKO 1071X (FB20540) / CHR HIRASHIGE TAYASU 533 (FB13499)
Sexed Semen. Total 2 Embryos. Ms Fukiko is sired by AC Yokosuru (FB19789).

CX4 HANA - 125A (FB21647) / WORLD K'S HARUKI 2 (FB1614).
Total 2 Embryos. Ms Hana is sired by World K's Kitaguni Jr (FB2422) The embryos are sired by World K'S Haruki 2 who is best known for being a trait leader in marbling and growth.
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