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Up to 12 conventionally flushed embryos out of our FAC Shig 103 cow (FB19118) mated to BR ITomichi 0602 (FB5100).

The donor cow, which is 1/8th Red Wagyu and 7/8th Black Wagyu, is sired by Shigeshigetani over a dam sired by SR Y13 Sanji, (Sanjiro over a cow sired by Kitateruyasudoi J2810) out of a cow with Kikuyasu-400 and Hikari (a Red Wagyu, making the donor cow 1/8th Red Wagyu). The embryo calves will be 1/16th Red Red Wagyu but will be black color.

The sire of these embryos, BR Itomichi 0602 is sired by Itomichi 1/2, who is highly regarded for size and maternal characteristics, over a cow sired by Kikuyasu-400, so will contribute size and maternal characteristics to the embyro mating.

This good looking donor cow with a high marbling pedigree raised a fantastic calf born in the fall of 2016 and then had a fantastic flush while nursing her calf, producing 27 freezable embryos. Because she produced far more embryos than we had ready recipient cows, we had to freeze many of the embryos and so we are offering some of them for sale. This is a great maternal cow with above-average fertility. For the flush she was mated to a popular large-framed Itomichi 1/2-sired bull to make larger-frame offspring with above-average maternal characteristics.

Embryos were flushed conventionally by Reagan Brooks at Agrimark Genetic Services in Kingsbury, Texas, where the embryos are currently stored.
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