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1st Annual Wagyu Carcass Competition Results!

1st Annual Wagyu Carcass Competition Results!

The final results of the TWA’s 1st Annual Carcass Competition have been approved by the carcass committee.  CLICK HERE to view the results in PDF file format.

The TWA is pleased to have been able to host this competition, which was a competition between TWA members to see who could produce the best carcass based on their selection of genetics and care and feeding of the steer.   All steers were registered with the American Wagyu Association and were harvested at Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas, and graded using a Japanese carcass camera.  The carcasses will be auctioned at the 1st annual Wagyu carcass auction, with proceeds from the auction going  to the rancher that raised and fed the steer.  The TWA invites you to be a part of this historic auction event.  Wagyu and coctails will be served before the auction begins.  And you will have an opportunity to visit with Wagyu producers, view animal pedigrees and the background of each carcass being auctioned, as well as walk the grounds & view live Wagyu cattle present for the related 10th Annual “Steaks Are High” Wagyu sale.  To learn more about the two-day TWA event at Tenroc Ranch in Salado, Texas, CLICK HERE.


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