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Wagyu Show @ The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Wagyu Show @ The Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo

The Wagyu portion of the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo will be held this year from March 2nd through the 4th.   Check-in of animals will be on the 2nd, ultrasounds will be performed on the 3rd at 9:00 AM, and the competition will be held on the 4th beginning at 8:00 AM.    The winners of the of the HLSR Wagyu Show have a history of becoming high value leaders in the Wagyu seed stock market. The show is also a great place to meet and network with other Wagyu breeders, as well as being a great judged contest event.  Always a good time for Wagyu enthusiasts!   CLICK HERE For more information about the HLSR

The rules for this year’s event are as follows:


Texas Wagyu Association Breed Show

Department A

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo          $450

TX Wagyu Association                                   $5,000

Total Premiums Available                             $5,450


Judge: Dr. Brant Poe – Stephenville, TX


First release from Airport Blvd. to NRG:                                                                Saturday March 2   7 a.m.

Must be in place at Airport Blvd. no later than:                                                   Saturday March 2   Noon

Check-In at Livestock Superintendent on east side of Main Cattle Arena:     Saturday March 2   3 p.m.

Ultrasound & Weight                                                                                                 Sunday March 3   9 a.m.

Show                                                                                                                             Monday March 4   8 a.m.

Begin Release                                                                                                              Monday March 4   Upon completion of show

Must Be Out By                                                                                                           Monday March 4   5 p.m.


This show is subject to the Houston Livestock Show General Rules and Regulations, the All Breeding Beef Cattle Show Special Rules and to the Special Rules of this section. Where Special Rules conflict with other rules, Special Rules prevail.


Special Rules for Texas Wagyu Association Breed Show

  1. The TX Wagyu Association P.O. Box 9, Hamilton, TX 76531, will participate in premiums at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where the association’s standard classifications are used. Total premium is paid directly from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.


  1. Exhibitors and owners must be members in good standing of the TX Wagyu Association and the American Wagyu Association at the time of checking in.


  1. Ultrasound Data will be collected on Sunday, March 3, 8 a.m. by Lynn Allen, a certified ultrasound technician.  The cost will be $20.00 per animal and payable at time of service. For any ultrasound not paid for will be subject to disqualification. Ultrasound used at judge’s discretion. Ultrasound data and Steer weights will be provided once the information is available. The information will be provided to the judge for use in conjunction with the visual appraisal.


  1. Exhibitors must have the original registration certificate issued by the American Wagyu Association available for inspection at the show for each animal.  Any animal, upon check-in, which does not have a legible permanent identification mark (ear tattoo marks, freeze- branded marks or hot-branded marks) corresponding to the permanent identification mark on the registration certificate, is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect or illegible permanent identification mark, animals cannot be re- tattooed and rechecked at the show.


  1. Altering the conformation and/or appearance of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. This includes the covering of white skin, false tail heads or use of any false hair. No hair coloring allowed. The use of graphite, powders, hemp, adhesives or other similar substances used externally are also prohibited. This is a “Blow and Go” show.  Other prohibited products include those used internally such as steroids, illegal or unlicensed pharmaceuticals or artificial filling.  Any animal found to be in violation will be barred from showing.


  1. Any female shown with a calf at side: the calf must be the cow’s most recent natural calf, and the calf must be registered by show day and have the original registration certificate at check in.


  1. Females exhibited at twenty (20) months of age, or older (not females in the cow/calf class) must be accompanied by a certificate of positive fertility issued by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of show must be available for inspection at check in.


  1. Bulls 17 months of age and older must have a current semen test/breeding soundness exam certificate and show to be a sound breeder from a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of show.  Certificate must be shown at check in.


  1. All bulls six (6) months of age and older must be shown with a nose lead. The right to disqualify from the show any animal deemed unmanageable is reserved by the show committee.



  1. There will be three breeding group class shows: Black Wagyu Fullblood, Red Wagyu Fullblood, and Red/Black Wagu Fullblood.


  1. There will be a Fullblood/Percentage Steer show to start at the conclusion of the Bull show. Weight breaks will be: Light Weight 900 – 1200 pounds and Heavy Weight 1201 – 1500 pounds.  There will be no weigh back. Prior to arrival at the Show, all steers must be pre-clipped to no more than 1/4″ of hair on any part of the body, except the tail switch.


  1. Exhibitors must submit a hair sample of each animal participating in the show at the time of check-in. DNA Hair Sample Kits will be available at check in. Collection of the hair sample will be supervised by the TX Wagyu Association. All winning Full blood and Fullblood animals will be DNA Parent Verified (sire and dam only). Percentage grade (PC) animals will only be sire verified. If the Parentage cannot be verified by the lab, the exhibitor will not be awarded the prize money and the animal will forfeit its winning position.



  1. Junior Heifer Calves      calved 12/31/17 and after   (Premium A)
  2. Senior Heifer Calves      calved 2/29/17 – 12/30/17   (Premium A)
  3. GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE         (Banner & Trophy)
  4. RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE        (Banner & Trophy)


Any female that qualifies for female classes in the Associations standard classifications are not eligible to show in the cow/calf classes. 



  1. Cow/Calf Class: (2 year old and younger)   calved 2/1/16 and after   (Premium A)    Calf must be the cow’s most recent natural calf and be no more than 180 days of age on day of Show.
  2. GRAND CHAMPION COW/CALF PAIR        (Banner & Trophy)
  3. RESERVE CHAMPION COW/CALF PAIR        (Banner & Trophy)


Grand and Reserve Champion cow/calf pairs do not show for Grand Champion Female and are ineligible to compete in the get-of-sire and junior get-of-sire.



  1. Junior Bulls      calved 12/31/17 and after    (Premium A)
  2. Two-Year-Old Bulls     calved 2/28/17 – 12/30/17    (Premium A)
  3. Senior Bulls (3 year old)   calved 2/29/16 – 2/28/17    (Premium A)
  4. GRAND CHAMPION BULL         (Banner & Trophy)
  5. RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL        (Banner & Trophy)



  1. 900-1200 pounds, light weight
  2. 1201-1500 pounds, heavy weight
  3. GRAND CHAMPION STEER         (Banner & Trophy)
  4. RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION STEER        (Banner & Trophy)



  1. Get-of-Sire – four animals by one (1) sire, shown in the above classes, both sexes represented. (Banner) Sire does not have to be shown.
  2. Junior Get-of-Sire – three (3) animals by one (1) sire, both sexes represented.   (Banner)  Entries must have calved on or after May 1, 2008.  Sire does not have to be shown.


The Texas Wagyu Association works to grow awareness of Wagyu and provide its members with valuable contacts and resources. Join the association and enjoy the incredible growth as we continue to raise awareness about the best-tasting, most tender beef!

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