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Results Of The Summer 2017 TWA Elite Wagyu Performance Test

The results of the 2017 TWA Elite Wagyu Performance Test that started in the summer of 2017 are now available.  The results of testing 44 young bulls and 38 heifers from 9 Wagyu breeders, fed in two separate groups (bulls and heifers), using a Growsafe feed performance testing system, show how each bull, and each heifer, did compared to the others within its respective group, in the following areas:

  • Average Daily Gain (“ADG”) during the test
  • Weight Per Day Of Age (“WDA”)
  • Hip Hieght
  • Scrotal Circumference (bulls only)
  • Pelvic Area (females only)
  • Rump Fat Thickness
  • Rib Fat Thickess
  • Rib Eye Area (“REA”)
  • Rib Eye Intramuscular Fat % (“IMF%”)
  • Residual Feed Intake (“RFI”)

This test of top animals selected from the herds of 9 TWA member Wagyu breeders was extremely valuable to the participants in the test, showing how each animal performed as compared to the other animals within their respective group in the test for each area of performance measured.  These results can be used by these participants to make breeding decisions that will improve their herds in the future.




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