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TWA Gain Test Spring 2018   

TWA Gain Test Spring 2018   

Those of you who attended the recent AWA Annual General Meeting heard a lot about performance data.  This is the direction the industry is headed.  George Owens, AWA Executive Director, Dr. Joe Massey, Dr.Antonio Calles, Dr. Jerry Reeves, and Chip Kemp all made statements regarding the value of performance data and how it will make the Wagyu breed more relevant.  The TWA supports that belief and is offering you, as a TWA member, an opportunity to get on board this movement.  The upcoming Spring 2018 gain test will provide relevant data on your herd in a contemporary group setting.  This particular test is not, however, a Grow Safe feed intake program as there were no available Grow Safe pens.  Beginning and ending weights will provide average daily gain (“ADG”) data.  You will also receive height and scrotal measurements for bulls, and height and pelvic measurements for heifers.  Ultrasound will provide ribeye size, rib fat, and back fat measurements along with IMF.  The only data that cannot be measured in this upcoming test as compared to the test that is just now ending is feed efficiency.  Everything that you need to make good breeding decisions and to be competitive within the Wagyu breed, as well as other breeds, is provided.  See the below link for the rules for the test.  PX feeders will be accepting delivery of calves through November 30th, 2017.

CLICK HERE to open a PDF file containing the gain test rules.


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