Reminder to Make Your Hotel Reservations for the Annual Meeting and Steaks Are High Sale

Seventh Annual Steaks Are High Sale April 23rd. TWA annual meeting April 22nd.
Just a reminder that the block of guaranteed rooms at Holiday Inn Express- Salado will end on March 21st. You may be able to get a better rate, but after the March 21st deadline, the guaranteed rooms will be released. Phone number is 254-947-4004.
There is a also a Best Western-Salado, 254-947-4001. And Holiday Inn – Belton 254-778-5511, but be advised that the construction between Belton and Salado is significant and delays are very frequent.

Bubba & Donna

Previously I was part owner of a tv cable company that installed cable all over Texas and Georgia. I married into a ranching family and every opportunity that I had I helped my in-law on the ranch. I decided then that I wanted to raise cattle. The first four Wagyu bulls came from Japan to America in the l970's and were located on a ranch outside of Georgetown, Texas, a short distance from Austin, where I lived. I had the opportunity to work with those first four bulls, and hauled them around in a rickety trailer pulled by my work truck. My friend and I went together and purchased a 7/8ths weanling heifer for $12,000. That was a lot of money in the 70's and took every dime we could both scrape together, plus the help of my mother-in-law. That was my start in the Wagyu breed.