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TWA “Classified Ads” Are Now Free!

The TWA board of directors recently made a decision to make classified advertisements free to members.  And anyone can view the advertisement.  Advertisements can include up to 8 large, high resolution photographs, and you can include your website, email address and phone number, as well as a description of what you are selling, in the description of what you have for sale.  In addition, the TWA plans to send out periodic “email blasts” to TWA members showing them a list of the current classified ads.  This decision was made by the TWA board in order to make the TWA classified ads website more popular and to provide an additional (and free) benefit to TWA members.  Classified ads are grouped/classified into Cattle, Embryos, Semen, Services, Events, etc. so that readers can browse or search by category to find what they are looking for.   Wagyu seed stock breeders can advertise their animals and genetics, beef producers can advertise their fed-out steers, sides of beef, or even individual cuts of beef, and service providers providing services to the Wagyu community, such as Embryologists, AI Technicians, Ultrasound Technicians, etc. can market their services.  And there is a classification for “events” to advertise upcoming Wagyu-oriented events such as sales, shows, etc.  Lastly, we have made it easier and faster for TWA members to post and manage their advertisements.  Unless deleted earlier by the TWA member that posted the ad, the ads will remain active for 90 days.  So post your classified ads and start connecting with buyers of Wagyu cattle, Wagyu genetics and Wagyu beef!  For free!


The Texas Wagyu Association works to grow awareness of Wagyu and provide its members with valuable contacts and resources. Join the association and enjoy the incredible growth as we continue to raise awareness about the best-tasting, most tender beef!

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